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3 Tips To Put On A Stunning Makeup

Are you a makeup buff? Maybe not all, but many women prefer to don makeup whenever they go out in public. Wearing makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you are “trying too hard” to look pleasing to the eyes of the people around. There are several reasons why women wear makeup every day, such as to make them look professional and to help them boost their confidence. So if you are fond of applying makeup, apply it the proper way.

With lots of makeup tutorials over Youtube these days, surely, you have spent long hours trying to imitate the techniques. But is your makeup trick yielding optimum results? Here are three simple tricks that you can use to achieve stunning makeup result.


Perfect Eyeshadow


Before applying an eyeshadow, it is critical to have a primer first – never skip this part. It is a good rule of thumb to always start with a base shadow that matches the lightest skin tone on your face and apply it all over the lid up to the brow. Priming will keep your eyeshadow from falling off or creasing as you wear it throughout the day. If you use a translucent primer, you can dust a layer of light coloured eyeshadow over it to make the colours look brighter.


Use the primer as the base shadow to ensure the darker shadow colours used on the lid up to the crease are well blended. Don’t be scared to use an eyeshadow pencil to draw a defined shape first, and then gradually blend it so the edges fade away.


Full Volume Eyelashes


One common mistake in applying mascara is doing it in a swift soft motion, which will not give you the full volume lashes effect that you want to achieve. Your mascara can make or break your look, and applying it the wrong way can give you two possible outcomes: too little to recognise that it seems you are not wearing any mascara or too much that you risk to resemble a fluffy panda.

makeup can bring out the beauty in you

For the best outcome, it is highly advisable to curl your lashes first using padded curlers before applying the mascara. Instead of quickly running it through your lashes, place the wand underside of the upper eyelashes or in the root of the lash and slowly move it upwards towards the tip in a zigzag motion. Use the want to angle your eyelashes to add more definition. Apply a second coat if want a more dramatic beauty.





Defined Eye


Want to acquire a nicely defined eye? One simple trick when applying the eyeliner is to get as close as possible to the mirror instead of looking straight ahead. Stick you head up and bring your chin toward the mirror and look down as you apply the eyeliner. It is recommended to start at the inner corner of the eye all the way out to the fold on the outside of your eye.

If your eyes look smaller when you apply the liner, try to rim your eyes on top of the lash line using a waterproof pencil. Draw on the very inner edge of your lids between your lashes and eyeball for a dramatic effect.

find the best makeup productsApplying makeup has its benefits when carried out the right way as you will look more presentable and confident. It doesn’t require you to become professional to be able to use makeup properly. You just need to practice and in no time, you can proudly flaunt a beautiful you.

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